Loco Software Mobile FDI App: Next Generation Investment Promotion

Mobile FDI App promotes your location to the 1 billion+ smart phones & tablets and the 50% of internet searches which take place on mobile devices

Mobile FDI App: 100% designed for Investment Promotion.

The design and content of each Mobile FDI App is fully customized for each client to ensure your unique location advantages and brand are effectively promoted

Mobile FDI App: Available for over 50 different devices

Loco Software offers a Mobile Web solution, which will work on all recent devices and platforms, as well specific Apps for each platform

APP FEATURES: everything you need to promote your location

Features the only mobile FDI App 100% designed to promote your location

  • Mobile Web and Mobile Apps for all platforms and devices
  • Interactive mapping technology to promote key location 'products'
  • Content template to fast-track launch of your App
  • Provision of a user-friendly content management system
  • Complete design, content development, and support solution available

Impact reach the missing 50% of the market

  • There are currently 1 billion+ smart phones
  • Over 100 million tablets are expected to be sold in 2012 (100% growth)
  • Mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014
  • Over one-third of tablet sales will be to enterprises by 2015
  • Mobile Web and Mobile Apps have become essential for investment promotion

Pricing competitive pricing for a unique product

  • Mobile FDI Apps from €10,000
  • License and Service Package from €2,500 per annum
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Why Loco Software Ltd. world's leading provider of FDI applications

  • Track record of developing the industry-leading FDI applications used by 200 IPAs/EDOs
  • Fast-track implementation with delivery possible within 2-4 weeks after receiving client input
  • Mobile solution partner, Poco Apps Inc., provides design, development and support in Canada and USA
  • International experts in FDI and investment promotion to support content development
  • High speed, secure hosting at the National Software Centre of Ireland